Al-Fajr & Sehri Dialler


Q: I followed all your instructions including setting up an experimental database. When the modem dials up, it keeps on ringing without hanging up and dialling another number as your help file states.

A: It happens that the software uses a register within the modem that is disabled in newer modems. So the solution is really to use older modem. Please find one from your attic or place a request in your Mosque's messages board for old modems. Windows recognises easily old modems. The software should work with 14400 or older modems.

Q: I downloaded the program correctly . Then I made the installation. However when I tried to open the program from the start menu the following message poped up  " invalid property value"  and the program did not work.

R: The program looks for alfajr.dat for Al-Fajr Dialler and sehri.dat for Sehri Dialler. Both of these data files contain the information required by the program. The program searches for these files under Windows. So check if you have a Windows directory in your C:\ disk, check if one of these files exists (according to the software you are running). If not search for dat file and copy it into the directory. 

We are going to add more questions and answers as they appear. These are the main ones. We hope insha'Allah to update our software soon!

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