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About "The Arabic Tutor"
System requirements
How to obtain "The Arabic Tutor"
Where to obtain the demo software
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About "The Arabic Tutor"

Arabic is a beautiful language and is spoken by about 200 million Arabs and is the choice language of 1.2 billion Muslims in the World. Arabic is one of the Semitic languages - probably the original one - and its influence on World civilization is self evident. With The Arabic Tutorô it is easy and fun to learn Arabic.

The Arabic Tutorô is a first user-friendly and affordable Arabic teaching multimedia program. It assumes no prior knowledge of Arabic and assists the user patiently in developing reading and writing skills, correct pronunciation and intuitive way of joining Arabic letters into words with visual on-screen and written guidance. The listen and record features give the user native speakerís sound that is a mouse click away and the ability to record oneís voice and compare it to that of the native speaker.

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The registered users are entitled to join FREE on-line Arabic classroom at:


System requirements

386 or better PC ; Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later ; 4MB RAM ; 15MB hard disk space ; Windows compatible sound card ; VGA or better display ; Microsoft compatible pointing device such as mouse, or trackball.

How to obtain "The Arabic Tutor"

To order The Arabic Tutor please send a cheque for £43 ( forty three sterling pounds) drawn on any UK bank, or P.O. Order, or Draft, or International Money Order for 11.000$00 (eleven thousand Portuguese escudos). For orders outside Europe please add £6 (six sterling pounds) or 1.600$00 (one thousand and six hundred Portuguese escudos), whichever applies. Must specify which version is required, whether 16, or 32-bit versions. Orders to:

Rua Correia Garcao, 11, 12-D
Apartado 1285
2675 Odivelas - PORTUGAL
Tel: (351-1)938-7730
E-mail: tayeb.habib@mail.telepac.pt

Where to obtain demo software

If you have MS Windows 95 or NT 3.51 or 4.0, you may try the 32-bit demo. (2 .zip files).

You can also get the 16-bit demo from www.winsite.com or www.zdnet.com (search for arabic, may find 2.0 only there).

If you don't know how to deal with .zip files, check how to unzip files link. The PKUNZIP.EXE is also linked there.This link now works!

"The Arabic Tutor" in the Printed and Electronic Press

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